Coro Acardenchado

Monday, November 2 at 8pm

Available until November 8th.

A multimedia concert from this a capella group that makes an homage to the “Cardenche Song” from Northern Mexico.

Coro Acardenchado was born in 2016 as an homage to the “Cardenche Song,” a traditional a capella chant from Northern Mexico usually sung by three voices. The term “cardenche” originates from “cardo” (thistle), a plant full of thorns that are more painful to remove than to catch — an allegory of love. The group collaborates with cardencheros and infuses the traditional songs with freestyle improvisation, body percussion and other contemporary arrangements. Coro Acardenchado has performed in different theatres and forums across Mexico, including the renowned Day of the Dead Parade in Mexico City. For their Day of the Dead at Harbourfront Centre debut, Coro Acardenchado presents a multimedia landscape that will take us on a journey from an urban and industrial context all the way to the stillness of natural spaces.


Coro Acardenchado

Multimedia / paintings by Cine a Mano

Co-produced by

Mexico Now
Museo Universitario Del Chopo
Cultua Unam

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada