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Off Script: Living Out Loud by Marci Ien

She’s Giving You the Read and Talking di Tings! Hosted by Trey Anthony

March 16, 12pm

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Taking a deeper look into what it means to be unapologetically Black

For over a decade, millions of Canadians started their day with Marci Ien. As a Black female news anchor and, later, the first Black woman in Canada to co-host a national morning show, Marci felt the pressure to stay “on script” – with little room for error. She had to be great. She had to show, every day, that she deserved to be there. But suddenly her career went in another direction and Marci came “off script.”

Join Trey and Marci as they have an intimate and candid conversation about Marci’s new book Off Script, and Marci will share how to find your courage to speak up, trust your voice and follow your own formula for what matters most.

In partnership with the Toronto International Festival of Authors

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Purchase your copy of Marci’s book from A Different Booklist, a Toronto-based, independent bookstore specializing in books from the African and Caribbean diaspora. 

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Marci Ien

Marci Ien is a devoted Toronto community leader and journalist who has dedicated her life to providing a voice for those who need it most. Born in St. Jamestown and raised in Toronto, where she lives with her children Blaize and Dash, Marci has seen first-hand the opportunities and challenges our city faces.   

Marci is a passionate advocate for vulnerable communities in Canada and around the world, with an award-winning career in journalism and television that has spanned three decades. She has travelled internationally with Journalists for Human Rights and World Vision – and here at home, Marci has worked with underprivileged youth as a mentor with Trust15, an afterschool program based in Etobicoke, and in La Loche following the shooting at Dene High School in 2016. 

She also supported students from these communities by co-founding a new scholarship at the RTA School of Media. A graduate of Ryerson University, Marci later returned to Ryerson as a distinguished visiting professor and by serving on its Board of Governors.  

After a remarkable career in journalism, Marci decided to enter federal politics when she announced her candidacy to represent Toronto Centre and subsequently, won the seat during an October 2020 by-election.  

In October 2020 Marci also released her first book titled Off Script: Living Out Loud, in which she shares personal milestones, tales of resilience and kindness, dramatic moments from her career as a journalist and insights from the many unforgettable people that she has met and interviewed.

Marci is committed to being the voice of Toronto Centre constituents in the House of Commons and continuing the fight alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal caucus for inclusion, equality and ensuring that everyone in Toronto Centre and across Canada have a fair chance at success. 

Trey Anthony

Trey Anthony is an award-winning writer, motivational speaker and relationship/life coach. She is the first Black woman in Canada to have a television series on a prime-time network. Her work includes the plays ‘da Kink in My Hair and How Black Mothers Say I Love You. Trey’s life purpose is to empower women to live their best damn lives! Her lastest book, Black Girl in Love (with Herself), was published by Hay House in 2021. She divides her time between Atlanta and Toronto. She is an adoption advocate and the proud momma bear to her son Kai. In her spare time, she enjoys laughing at herself and all her antics and eating cupcakes!

Off Script: Living Out Loud by Marci Ien

She’s Giving You the Read and Talking di Tings! Hosted by Trey Anthony

March 16, 12pm

Taking a deeper look into what it means to be unapologetically Black

In Partnership with

Toronto International Festival of Authors