Ofrenda: “My Flowers will not Cease”

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8 Days of Celebration, Conversation and Activism

This is a time-lapse video documentation of the creation of a retro-contemporary ofrenda, displayed in a quaint abobe space with elements of the past enhancing and informing the present. By artist Jade Leyva.

“My Flowers Will Not Cease”

My flowers will not end, my songs will not cease.

I sing them up, they are distributed, they are scattered.

Even when the flowers fade and yellow, will be taken there, inside the house of the bird with golden feathers.

The artist is dedicating this ofrenda to the “Indigenous and Black communities who have suffered colonization, murder, slavery, discrimination and oppression and are still today asking for equality and justice in the subjugating systems put in place long ago that are still deeply affecting their communities and their environmental surroundings.” JL


Painter, photographer, potter and more, Jade Leyva has made a name for herself as one of the Southwest’s most original artists. Hailing from Mexico City, Leyva now calls New Mexico home. Her paintings are shown and sold in galleries around the country and region and in Mexico. She has been tapped to create images for numerous festivals and her images have appeared in the covers of many magazines. Her work is also part of the art book The Encyclopædia of Fernal Affairs (2015).

Leyva’s work reflects influences ranging from pre-Colombian to post-modern. It is at times whimsical, celebratory and reflective, yet always thought-provoking and expressive – a visual “magical realism.” Currently, Leyva is working on a new volume of work around the theme of migration. She and her artwork continue to evolve as she paints new pieces in her studio in the “Land of Enchantment” while pursuing her creative and personal journey.

Leyva is represented by Mill Contemporary on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM, and at Adelante Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.

Ofrenda: “My Flowers will not Cease”

8 Days of Celebration, Conversation and Activism