What Happened to the Bees?

Sunday, November 1 at 4pm

Available until November 8th.

What Happened to the Bees? (2020) is a documentary that exposes the deadly effects of regularly used agrochemicals – currently legal in countries like Mexico and the United States – on millions of bees. The film explores how the planting of monocultures threatens the health and environment of Mayan beekeeping communities in southeastern Mexico and portrays their fight to protect their land from massive deforestation, groundwater table pollution and climate change. As a powerful example of the different socio-environmental conflicts taking place in Indigenous Mexican territories, What Happened to the Bees? has been featured in festivals across Mexico, the U.S. and the Netherlands.

Ambulante Beyond (AMA) is a training program, (part of Ambulante project) for documentary production, aimed to train new filmmakers coming from different corners of Mexico and Central America who have limited access to the tools needed to share their stories with a wide audience.


The documentary was filmed by Mayan Indigenous people (who were part of the Ambulante Beyond program) that are defending the Campeche territory against the insertion of companies like Monsanto who have caused tremendous harm to the bees and their land.

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