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September 21-25 & 28-29

Twenty-one thoughtfully curated digital postcards telling the stories of artists within the Deaf and disabled community living through the self-isolation and quarantine period of COVID-19. This glimpse into the lives of artists from around the globe, is sometimes quirky, sometimes heart-wrenching, often unexpected, always genuine.

Meet Alex Bulmer!

Curator of Pandemic Postcards


With 30 professional years across theatre, television, film, radio and education, Alex Bulmer is dedicated to intersectional collaborative art practice, fueled by a curiosity of the improbable and deeply informed by her experience of becoming blind.

She is activated by obstacles, well exposed to the absurd, and embraces generosity, listening, time and uncertainty within her artistic and personal life.

Named one of the most influential disabled artists by UK’s Power Magazine, Bulmer is an award-winning writer, director, actor and dramaturge. She is Artistic Director of Common Boots Theatre, co-founder of Cripping the Stage with British Council Toronto, and the Lead Curator of CoMotion 2022, an international Deaf and Disability Arts festival produced by Harbourfront Centre.


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A man with long hair in a large wave poses in a crouched position with no shirt and ripped brown pants.
Photo courtesy of Brian Solomon

Brian Solomon

Ditches to Riches

Monday, September 21

A woman with short blonde hair and hazel eyes looks at the camera.
Photo by Heidi Koivisto Robertson

Dawn Jani Birley

Caught in the Eye

Monday, September 21

A woman holding a violin with a bright red flower in her hair and one eyebrow pierced looks at the camera.
Photo by Paul Vienneau

Gaelynn Lea

Dragon Faerie Improvisation

Monday, September 21

Alice Sheppard, a light skinned multi-racial Black woman, sits in her wheelchair. With her face resting in her left, hand and her elbow on her knee, she gazes softly into the camera.
Photo by Beverlie Lord

Alice Sheppard

I Miss Us

Tuesday, September 22

A woman with a bright red hijab with matching lipstick wears a pink flower crown and looks off in the distance.
Photo courtesy of Hanan Hazime

Hanan Hazime

Because Sometimes Poetry Isn't Beautiful

Tuesday, September 22

A woman on stage in blue and purple light holds an object in her left hand.
Photo courtesy of Maria Camarena

Maria Camarena


Tuesday, September 22

A man in a trenchcoat and clown make-up with a red nose stares at a skull with the same red nose in the desert.
Photo by Brian Davis

Maxim Fomitchev

Corona Date

Wednesday, September 23

Two straps hang from above. Suspended from the straps is an old shiny hospital wheelchair. Erin hangs by one knee from a strap above the chair. She is upside down and her back is arched. Her hands hold the other strap. Her lower legs are amputated below the knees. Her skin is white.
Photo by Grim Photography. Courtesy of LEGacy Circus.

Erin Ball

Big Birthday

Wednesday, September 23

A woman talking to the camera is wearing a purple sweater in her living room.
Photo courtesy of Amy Amantea

Amy Amantea

Where’s the PPE?

Wednesday, September 23

This is a picture of Jess Thom – a white woman with curly brown hair sitting in her wheelchair in front of a red brick wall. Jess is leaning to one side, pushing her hair back with her hand and laughing. She’s wearing a black sweatshirt with colourful squiggles on the shoulders and chest.
Photo by James Lyndsay

Jess Thom


Thursday, September 24

A man is on stage with parted brown hair while addressing off camera while pointing his crutch.
Photo courtesy of Paul Power

Paul Power

The Path

Thursday, September 24

A woman wearing a jean jacket smirks off camera with sunglasses resting on her forehead.
Photo courtesy of Shino Watabe

Shino Watabe

Under the Drops of the Moon

Thursday, September 24

A young man in a blue suit smiles at the camera while wearing sunglasses.
Photo by Adam Hart

Justin Kauflin

No Matter

Friday, September 25

A woman smiles at the camera with long curly black hair with a flower in it.
Photo courtesy of Tamyka Bullen

Tamyka Bullen


Friday, September 25

A man with curly black hair and bright pink shirt with teal polka-dots looks at the camera.
Photo by Adrienne Suprenant

Edon Descollines

Les visages me manquent

Friday, September 25

A man in white powder face paint, top hat, glasses, and black and red cape holds a microphone on stage.
Photo courtesy of Kalevi Helvetti

Kalevi Helvetti

The New York Plague Excerpt

Monday, September 28

A Drag Queen with curly black hair is shouting with an arm raised in the air. They have a top hat with a chain wrapped around the middle as well as one around their neck. Black makeup is under their eyes similar to a football player.
Photo courtesy of Mickel Smithen

Ebony Rose Dark aka Mickel Smithen

Semi Shielding and Beyond

Monday, September 28

A woman with long black hair and mahogany lipstick poses for the camera.
Photo courtesy of Kristina Shelden

Kristina Shelden

Dancing with the Flames

Monday, September 28

A greyscale image of a woman with long black hair who is covering half her face with an artefact.
Photo courtesy of Cristal Buemi

Cristal Buemi

Breathe, Stretch, Repeat

Tuesday, September 29

A man with a fedora smiles at the camera as if in conversation. He is wearing a black turtleneck and brown glasses.
Photo by Pino Ninfa

Mak Manaka

Silence in Literature

Tuesday, September 29

A man with a buzzcut smiles at the camera while wearing a blue button up shirt.
Photo by Steve Ullathorne

Laurence Clark


Tuesday, September 29

In Acknowledgement

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