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Taking a deeper look into what it means to be unapologetically Black

February 1 – March 19, 2021

She’s Giving You the Read and Talking di Tings! Join four amazing black, female authors as they talk about their own writing journey. Are there more obstacles to overcome as a Black author? What does it take to get a book published? Why are Black stories important? How do they respectfully share intimate parts of their own lives while being respectful of their loved ones? What does talking di tings mean to them? 

Toronto’s longest running Black History Month festival, Kuumba, presented by the TD Ready Commitment, returns for its 26th edition to celebrate the Black community standing in our Blackness, forward-focused and now part of Black Futures Month. This year, we take a deeper look into what it actually means to be unapologetically Black, the courage it takes to stand in your truth, reflecting on our ancestry and the instrumental figures who have navigated through the world before us. Kuumba provides a voice for the voiceless and a legacy that speaks to the future.

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